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Karen Irvine

Karen is a BFRP Bach flower practitioner who'll be bringing along Bach flower remedies and doing a talk at the 2019 Feel Good Festival. Further details about Karen can be found on this page.

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This is my first year at the Feel good festival in the beautiful Kirklinton Hall setting. I am very much looking forward to bringing along the wonderful Bach flower remedies. The Feel good Festival provides an excellent opportunity to find out more about this fascinating field of natural healing so feel free to have a chat with me, book a session or mix your own bespoke treatment bottle. The particular mixture known as Rescue Remedy, Dr. Bach's crisis composite remedy, is probably the most well known of all the remedies and has proven to be invaluable in emergencies and situations of shock & trauma. It is known and used all over the world.

The 38 flower remedies were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach, a medical practitioner in the 1930's, to help transform negative moods and emotions back to their positive potential.
' Health depends on being in harmony with our soul '.-- Dr Bach 1932.

There are 38 flower remedies, each one mirroring an emotional state which all human beings may experience. During a consultation with a Bach practitioner we are able to establish which blend of remedies is suitable to help re balance the emotions of an individual who may be going through a period of stress, illness or life situation that is difficult to handle. We all have ups and downs in our lives! By re balancing the emotions the remedies help us to navigate through them. They can be integrated with conventional or complementary therapies but do be sure to see a medical practitioner or counsellor if their specialised help is required too.
The gentle action of the remedies help us to draw from our own innate wisdom, enabling us to gain greater clarity so that we can see where our next step may be. In the process we can come to know and embrace the essence of our true selves.

Karen Irvine Remedies

Please note that the Remedies are safe to take with any allopathic medicines that your doctor may have prescribed. They can do no harm, and therefore are suitable for adults, children, babies, pets and plants. Please be aware that they do contain a very small amount of grape alcohol solution (brandy). If you do not wish or are unable to consume alcohol, then this can be replaced by glycerine.

Please feel free to ask any questions or learn more about the remedies and how they can help bring more emotional well-being in your life. I will be giving a talk at the festival on Saturday 12.15-12.45 and offering taster consultations or full consultations along with helping you mix your own bespoke treatment bottle to take away.

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